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家庭簡介(Introduction to my family)

Midi: You are my hidding place




以下是在港的全家合照: (不見了誰? 當然是攝影師 --- 我) 在右邊那張相片是我最細的妹妹的家庭

I am the second son of my parent's family. I have an elder brother and two younger sisters. All of them are married.

My parent has retired.

The following is a photo of my whole family in Hong Kong. Only one is missing ...Of course, the photographer -- me. The right photo is the family of my sister (Connie: Her youngest daughter is not in this photo.)


母會(Affiliated Church):

香港宣教會 恩錫堂 (Hong Kong Evangelical Zion Church)

        2320 8703 (教會)   地址:慈雲山鳳凰新村翠鳳街五號地下


差會的創辦人考門夫人(Mrs. Charles E. Cowman)<<荒漠甘泉>>作者。]

差會是有衛斯理宗的傳統. The missionary socieyt is related to the Wesleyan traditions.