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教 會 增 長 原 則 初 探

Introduction to the principles of Church Growth

嚴國洪先生 by Philip Yim

Wagner & Others



1. Empowering leadership

2. Gift-oriented ministry 平信徒運動
4. Functional structures 各式各樣的聚會 = (崇拜+團契+小組)
  • 23.Research & Scientific Analysis
  • 1.Building for Growth
  • 2.Structual Renewal
  • 3.Subcongregations
  • 4.Diversified Staffing
  • 5.Pursuit of Excellence
  • 6.Disciplined Membership
  • 10.Bold Decisions
Relational (Mutual)
6. Holistic small groups 純一原則(物以類聚)
  b.Fellowship 9.Relational Emphasis
8. Loving relationships 積極心態

Spiritual Quality


3. Passionate spirituality 屬靈爭戰
5. Inspiring worship service


  • a.Worship 24.Prayer
  • c.Holy Spirit 26.Holy Spirit
  • d.Service 27.Lay Involvement & spiritual gifts
Witnessing / Deaconal
7. Need-oriented evangelism
  • 25.Bible Teaching & Edification
  • 6.Systematic Pulpit Ministry
  • 7.Full-Spectrum Education


NCD (Natural Church Development)

1. Empowering leadership—leaders focus on equipping and training other Christians to do ministry; leaders are committed wholly to church growth.

2. Gift-oriented ministry—ministry tasks are distributed according to the spiritual gifts of the people; nearly every Christian is using his/her God-given gifts to build up the church.

3. Passionate spirituality—the spiritual lives of the church members are characterized by prayer, enthusiasm, and boldness; most members live out their faith with power and contagious enthusiasm.

4. Functional structures—the forms, practices, and structures of the church are designed to most effectively accomplish ministry in this time and place (form follows function); church structures are evaluated as to whether or not they contribute to the growth of the church.

5. Inspiring worship service—attending worship services is inspiring and uplifting to those who attend; worship is a high point of the week for the majority of the congregation.

6. Holistic small groups—there is a continuous multiplication of small groups that meet the real needs of people; the loving and healing power of fellowship is experienced in these groups.

7. Need-oriented evangelism—evangelistic activities relate directly to the needs of the people the church is trying to reach; nearly all Christians use their spiritual gifts to help fulfill the Great Commission.

8. Loving relationships—relationships among the members of the church are characterized by a high level of loving affection; Christ's love permeates nearly all church activities.



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  2. Gordon MacDonald "Ten conditions for Church Growth