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Noun: Second Declension: ho logos, -ou (o logoV, -ou) Lesson 5 (p. 30)

o qeoV, -ou (The God) // to ergon, -ou (The work)







Nominative :



Subject a god

Address /calling O God !

Direct Object a god

N: + oV

V: + e

A: + on

N: + oi

V: + oi

A: + ouV

N: + on

V: + on

A: + on

N: + a

V: + a

A: + a



possessive of a god

indirect Object to/for a god

G: + ou

D: + w(i)

G: + wn

D: + oiV

G: + ou

D: + w(i)

G: + wn

D: + oiV

Noun : Neuter plural subjects



Neuter plural subjects

to paidia euriskei ta biblia

The children find the books.




1st person

lu + w

lu + omen [fil + oumen ] e +o->ou

2nd person

lu + eiV

lu + ete [fil + eite ] e +e->ei

3rd person

lu + ei

lu + ousi(n) e +long/diphthong


Exercise 7 (p. 38) Answers

  • (zhtew) I seek [ze]
  • (threw) I keep
  • (ai)tew) I ask, ask for
  • (qewrew) I look at /see [theory]
  • (qerapeuw) I heal [therapy]
  • (agroV) field [agriculture]
  • (artoV) bread, loaf
  • (misew) I hate (I hate Miss) [Verb]
  • (misqoV) reward, pay [Noun]
  • (laoV) people [laity = people of God]
  • (naoV) temple, esp. shrine (sanctuary)
  • (i(eron) temple [hierarchy] (the precincts as a whlole)
  • (oi)kov) house ; oi - Chinese love, love-house
  • (oi)nov) wine;
  • (potamoV) river [Mesopotamia] masc.
  • (pothrion) cup; [pot] neuter
  • commandment (entolh)
  • law (nomoV) Deutero+nomy
  • covenant (diaqhkh)
  • writing, Scripture (grafh)
  • book (biblion) [Bible]
  • son (ui)ov)
  • child (paidion) paediatrics
  • child (teknon)


  • fitting season, opportunity, time (kairoV)
  • time (cronoV) [chronology]


A (Greek to English)

  1. The Pharisees of the Sanhedrin hate (the) Jesus.
  2. The demons know (the) Christ and have fear. (Neuter plural uses singular verb.)
  3. The apostles speak the gospel to the lords (masters) and slaves.
  4. We keep the Sabbaths.
  5. The teachers talk to the children (about) the mysteries of the heaven(s). [Heavens are always in plural form, because of the Hebrew habit or idea.]
  6. The men have sheep (plural) and a boat.
  7. (Do you) see the face of Jesus? (Special uses of the article.)
  8. The slaves take the trees to/for (the) James.
  9. The brother seeks the tomb of the child.
  10. You (plural; poiew) do the works of the Devil.
  11. The Jews write books.
  12. We see the signs of the time(s) / [fitting seasons, opportunities]
  13. (He / She / It) finds silver.
  14. The deacons keep the cups of the temple of Jerusalem.
  15. A virgin makes a garment for Jesus.
  16. The mystery is gospel. [complement drops article. P. 35]