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Noun: First Declension: he logos, -es (h arch, -hV) Lesson 8 (p. 40-41)

o qeoV, -ou (The God) // h arch, -hV (The beginning)


2nd Masc.

2nd - Neuter

1st Fem.








Nominative :



N: + oV

V: + e

A: + on

N: + oi

V: + oi

A: + ouV

N: + on

V: + on

A: + on

N: + a

V: + a

A: + a

N: + h

V: + h

A: + hn

N: + ai

V: + ai

A: + aV



G: + ou

D: + w(i)

G: + wn

D: + oiV

G: + ou

D: + w(i)

G: + wn

D: + oiV

G: + hV

D: + h(i)

G: + wn

D: + aiV




1st person

lu + w

lu + omen [fil + oumen ] e +o->ou

2nd person

lu + eiV

lu + ete [fil + eite ] e +e->ei

3rd person

lu + ei

lu + ousi(n) e + long/diphthong

Exercise 8A (p. 40)

  • (zhtew) I seek [ze]
  • (threw) I keep
  • (aitew) I ask, ask for
  • (qewrew) I look at /see [theory]
  • (qerapeuw) I heal [therapy]
  • (agroV) field [agriculture]
  • (artoV) bread, loaf
  • (misew) I hate (I hate Miss) [Verb]
  • (misqoV) reward, pay [Noun]


  • (laoV) people [laity = people of God]
  • (naoV) temple, esp. shrine (sanctuary)
  • ('ieron) temple [hierarchy] (the precincts as a whlole)


  • (oikoV) house ; oi - Chinese love, love-house
  • (oinoV) wine;
  • (potamoV) river [Mesopotamia] masc.
  • (pothrion) cup; [pot] neuter


  • commandment (entolh)
  • law (nomoV) Deutero+nomy
  • covenant (diaqhkh)
  • writing, Scripture (grafh)
  • book (biblion) [Bible]
  • son (u'ioV)
  • child (paidion) paediatrics
  • child (teknon)
  • fitting season, opportunity, time (kairoV)
  • time (cronoV) [chronology]


  1. Ginwskousin oi adelfoi thn agaphn tou Qeou.The brothers know the love of God (their love to God / God's love to them?).
  2. h arch tou euaggeliou Ihsou Cristou, Uiou Qeou. The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Son of God.
  3. oi apostoloi grafousin taV epistolaV .The apostles write the epistles.
  4. oi Farisaioi thV sunagwghV zhtoudin thn diskaiosunhn. The Pharisees of the synagogue seek the righteousness.
  5. eulogoumen thn upomonhn tou Cristou. We bless the steadfastness of the Christ.
  6. ai grafai marturousin tw(i) Cristw(i). The writings witness for the Christ.
  7. threiV taV entolaV ; Do you keep the commandments?
  8. oi didaskaloi qewrousin thn nefelhn . The teachers look at the cloud.
  9. Jesus speaks the parables to the people of the village.
  10. We know the sound (voice) of the crowd.
  11. We love the house of (the) prayer.
  12. The anger (wrath) of God remains.
  13. The slaves ask for (the) peace.
  14. The Christ is the bread of life. (complement use of article = dropped. p. 35)
  15. Do you save the soul?
  16. We eat the fruit of the land (the earth) .
  17. Do the apostles have the honor of (the) men?
  18. The angel finds the guard (prison).

Exercise 8B (p. 41)

  1. God is judging the earth. QeoV krinei thn ghn.
  2. You know the commandments. GinwskeiV taV entolaV .
  3. The apostles love God's covenant. O i apostoloi filousin diaqhkhn Qeou.
  4. He has money, the price of a field. ecei argurion timhn ghV.
  5. The elders of the village throw stones. presbuteroV thV kwmhV ballousin liqouV
  6. God saves men's souls. QeoV swzei (taV) yucaV anqrwpwn.
  7. James sends a letter for the apostle's friend. IakwboV pempei epistolhn filw(i) tou apostolou.
  8. I see the cup of the wrath of God. Qewrw ton pothrion thV orghV tou Qeou.
  9. God is love and righteousness. QeoV estin agaph kai dikaiosunh.
  10. You are sending the words of the gospel of peace. pempeiV touV logouV tou euaggeliou eirhnhV.
  11. The slaves hate the prison. toi douloi misousin thn fulakhn.
  12. Are the children taking the books of (the) scripture? ta paidia lambanousin ta biblia thV grafhV ;
  13. God knows the prayers of men. QeoV ginwskei taV proseucaV.twn anqrwpwn.
  14. The reward of steadfastness is life. o misqoV thV upomonhV estin zwh (yuch).
  15. Israel knows the teaching of the commandments.

Israhl ginwskei thn didachn twn entolwn.