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a ai ai (= long i) as in aisle (#, ai, if the i is iotasubscript, then it is pronounced as a) au is pronounced ow as in cow, kraut
e ei ei (=long a) as in weight eu eu as in feud (fyood = long u?)
i ---  
o oi oi (ęs) as in oil ou is pronounced ou as in soup, group
u ui ui pronounced "wee"; ui is pronounced uee as in queen. ---
h (long e) hi ei(long e) (but it has become iotasubscript = h) $ hu is pronounced the same as eu(long a then long u)
w (long o) wi oi(long o) (but it has become iotasubscript = w) % wu ou long o then long u

Note that some of the fonts, need SGreek font.





A diphthong is the combination of two vowels that produce a single sound. The English language makes use of the same construction, as in the word "soul". The "ou" is a diphthong that creates a single long "o" sound.

Iota-Subscript Diphthongs
This type of diphthong has a small iota written underneath another vowel (alpha, eta or omega). The presence of the iota does not affect the sound of the vowel. The symbol font does not have the ability to display iota-subscript diphthongs. See the Resources section for other fonts that do have that ability.