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Ex. 5A (Greek to English)

Please pay special attention to the use of punctuation (p. 22).

In case you find some errors, please inform me immediately.


  • (zhtew) I seek
  • (threw) I keep
  • (aitew) I ask, ask for
  • (qewrew) I look at /see [theory]
  • (qerapeuw) I heal [therapy]
  • (agroV) field [agriculture]
  • (artoV) bread, loaf

Beware of the questions?

  1. O! Israel!, do you (pl.) seek death?
  2. An angel saves a people.
  3. A lord writes words.
  4. You (pl.) keep laws.
  5. Do Pharisees love Christ?
  6. You (pl.) look at fields.
  7. He has a throne.
  8. He hates (a) world and seeks (a) friend.
  9. Leper, do you (sing.) blaspheme?
  10. We know death.
  11. I throw stones.
  12. Deacons witness.
  13. We bless teachers
  14. Is an apostle healing a paralytic (a paralyzed man)? (or Does an apostle heal a paralysed man?)
  15. Jews and Pharisees ask friends.
  16. He heals eyes.
  17. Fear takes (falls on) brothers and a people.
  18. Do you (sing.) seek prayer?
  19. We make a river.
  20. I have enemies.

Ex. 5B (English to Greek)

From 1 to 10
From 11 to 22
  1. 'Aggelov kalei a)nqrwpon.
  2. a)delfov e)xei a)gron.
  3. kurioi pempousin a)ggelouv.
  4. logouv grafousin.
  5. eu(riskete liqon;
  6. Xristov krinei a)nqrwpouv kai a)ggelouv.
  7. threiv nomouv;
  8. a)nqrwpov kai a)ggelov zhtousin topon.
  9. marturoumen kai laov metanoei.
  10. Kurie, meneiv.
  1. a)postoloi lalousin kai diakonoi e)xousin fobon.
  2. poieiv qronon;
  3. misousin Xriston kai filousin qanaton.
  4. presbuterov lalei.
  5. swzei leprouv kai paralutikouv kai qerapeuei o)fqalmouv.
  6. Farisaioi grafousin nomouv;
  7. 'Ioudaioi, ginwskomen Xriston.
  8. logouv krinei;
  9. qewrw potamon.
  10. luei filon.
  11. zhteite kosmon.
  12. 'Israhl legei, Xristov swzei;