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Longenecker, Richard. Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic Period

(Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1975)

The Provenance (origin) of the Letter

Proper historical setting; author unknown.

Letter written to Jewish Christians

Theology in the mainstream of X'ty

Not depend on Philo.

The Phenomena of the Quotations

Quotations Vs allusions

38 quotations (supported by 27 OT passages)


Not use in historical books (except 2 Sam 7:14)

in prophetical books (except Isaiah) p.167

cf.NT 19-20 quotations not used, others used uniquely. p.167

Mostly God as the speaker. p.168 [4 times X; 3 times HS as speaker] p.168

Text: Mostly like LXXA. 18 agrees both with LXX and MT.

14 agrees with LXX against MT.

6 unknown sources. p.169

Exegetical Presuppositions and Practices

Affected by Philo ? rejected by modern scholars.

A. Nairne wrote " Philo deals with allegories, the Epistle with symbols." p.171. Evidences and arguements see pp.173-4.

The Biblical Argument

Theme in Heb 1:1-2.

Heb 1:3 -2:4 Psalms, II Sam 7 and Deut 32(LXX)

2:5 - 18 Ps 8:4-6

3:1 -4:13 Ps 95:7-11

4:14-7:28 Ps 110:4

8:1 -10:39 Jer 31:31-34 p.175

He used the contemporary exegetical methods [p.185] and avoided pesher, midrashic and allegorical approaches; but used the Christocentric perspective within traditions of the christian church.