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The Infancy Narratives in Matthew and Luke

  1. The Infancy Narrative in the Gospel of Matthew (A Literary-Theological Approach)
    --- The contradictions between Matthew and Luke regarding Jesus' birth
  2. Infancey Narrative in JPEG format (in powerpoint style)
  3. The Infancy Narratives in Matthew and Luke Part 1, Part 2, by James Kiefer -- Historical approach: What star? LUKE'S ACCOUNT OF THE CENSUS: SOME OBJECTIONS
  4. The cultural background of the infancy narrative in Luke¡¦s Gospel : part of Jesus: An Online Course on the Historical Figure of Jesus of Nazareth
  5. Mary in the Infancy Narratives of the Gospels by Rev. Matthew R. Mauriello (short meditation)
  6. Book Review: The Liberation of Christmas: The Infancy Narratives in Social Context By Richard A. Horsley
  7. nazarene christ from bethlehem : Article written by Vincent Sapone -- Overview: Luke and Matthew give different reasons why Jesus born in Bethlehem. (Strange proposition that the two gospels give different reasons, and assume Mary and Joseph originally lived in Bethlehem.)
  8. Chapter 1; The Infancy Narrative in Matthew of The Modern Reader's Guide to the Gospels by William Hamilton (Baptist minister)


  1. The Virginal Conception / Birth of Jesus Christ: Bibliography with links to the books.
  2. Annotated Bibliography -- 1.2.1 Infancy Narratives: updates: full information sees this link

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