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Traditions of Hermeneutics



1) Schleiermacher, Dilthey, Betti and the Romanticist tradition


2) Existential Interpretation of Bultmann & earlier Heidegger (philosophy)


3) Gadamer

Hermeneutics as an ontological turn towards language; But the actualizations of this broad linguistic tradition occur only in changing, historically-finite, events.

4) Post-Gadamerian


a) Metacritical evaluations of theoretical criteria and pragmatic operations

Pannenberg, Habermas, Apel, arguably Ricoeur

b) Socially relevant critical theory (socio-critical)

Socio-ethical aspects of historical tradition and language.

c) the pragmatic effects of texts within given social communities (socio-pragmatic)

Context-relative socio-pragmatic

Richard Rorty

C. S. Peirce & Josiah Royce

d) defences of more traditional approaches in hermeneutics

E. D. Hirsch; Elliott E. Johnson;