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THE MIND CHANGERS: The art of Christian Persuaion

by Emory A. Griffin (Wheaton : Tyndale, 1987)



1.Almost Persuaded 3

Int: Significant Persuasion includes:

Melt: Most people don't want to be persuaded. p.5

Paradoxically, we have the most influence on people when we are the least manipulative.

Mold: The most important part of this operation was feedback.

We expect sudden conversions and blinding flashes of insight; but this runs counter to the typical image of Christian persuasion.

Make hard: A new belief is like hot wax -- it can't support itself until it becomes firm. Internal change is important; but it can be strengthened by social support. But this change must be quick before the bolstering effect of sympathetic friends is lost; or he'll revert back to his old way. (2 Peter 2:22)

Who's at work : God or Man ?

Our persuasive appeal + urgings of the Holy Spirit

This book helps to learn the persuasive principles so that we'll be cooperating with the Holy Spirit rather than working against him.

What's comming next?

The purpose of this book is to examine specific techniques which facilitate persuasion.

2.The Target 13

3.An Ethic for the Christian Persuader 27


4.Resistance to Persuasion 45

Traditional methods to diminish resistance to influence:

5.Guilt 61

6.Fear 67

7.Role Play 79


8.Incentives 99

9.Credibility 115

10.Presenting the Message 133

11.Mass Media 147



12.How to Prevent Belief 169

13.Behavior 179

14.Conformity 193

15.Burning the Candle at Both Ends 213

Postscript 225