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天心八步(Eight Foots onwards Heavenly Way)


  1)內在的引導 2)外在的引導
心理上 A.(感受) B.(動機)  
          理智上   A.(聖經) C.(別人)
靈覺上 C.(靈感) D.(其他 B.(環境) D.(自己)



A.(感受) -- Conscious: 通過自我  ego



B.(動機) -- Sub-conscious /Conscious: 通過自他  id ? (內在價值中心)

bad and good; God’s guidance and call are missing.

靈界/靈覺上 (Spiritual):

C.(靈感) -- Sub-conscious : 通過超我  superego


D.(其他) -- Spiritual Encounter:

Still waiting ;Not yet. Dream?


B.(環境) -- Environments :

Not favorable; weak in special support.


D.(自己) -- Self

Not rewarding; frustrated and not fulfilled

理智上 (Cognitive):

A.(聖經) -- Biblical

以利亞, 約伯式經歷.

社會性 (Social):

C.(別人) -- Others' guide :

Guidance and advice all point to both directions: staying and quitting.