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聖經神學研究 Biblical
舊約聖經 OT
福音書 Gospel
使徒行傳 Acts
書信 Epistles
啟示錄 Revelation
釋經學 Hermeneutics
應用神學研究 Practical
系統神學 Systematic
歷史神學 Historical
其他研究 Others




舊約神學:Old Testament Theology
從舊約和猶太教看"將要來的救主"(The Coming Saviour in the Old Testament and in Judaism) (只有大網)
五經的躑z結構 (Pentateuch: Narrative Structure)
Textual and Literary Analysis on Deuteronomy 4
箴言:敬畏耶和華--主題回應 ; 箴言與埃及箴言的相似性
Tradition History of Psalm 110 ( link to: abstract)

傳道書的神學建構 (The Theology of Ecclesiastes);


約伯記- 對話(Dialogue)的功用
以賽亞書研讀-雷先生 (華基堂)(Isaiah: Mr. Lui, in Chinese only)
Sociological Approach in Jeremiah (summary)
The Historical, Literary Analysis and Message of Ezekiel
以西結全書講道大綱 (Ezekiel sermon outline, in Chinese only)
Contemporary Studies in the Old Testament: post-exilic
Reading Note: J.Maxwell Miller: Israelite History





對觀福音的關係 Relationship between the Synptics
馬太福音第一章希臘文分析 Matthew 1 in Greek

從社會運動角度看馬可福音中耶穌的事工 The mission of Jesus according to Mark from a sociological perspective(Table of Content of this article which can be linked to any parts of this article.)

Book report: Theissen Gerd, Sociology of Early Palestinian Christianity
Theissen Gerd, The Gospels in Context: Social and Political History in the Synoptic Tradition
Affirming Difference Celebrating Wholeness: A Partnership of Equals
約翰福音中對聖靈的教訓 (The teachings on Holy Spirit in John) Chinese only
約翰福音十七章 (John 17) in Chinese only
John 3:5 -- of water and spirit (Table of Content & abstract of this study in Chinese-English) Gospel John -- Bibligraphy




使徒行傳專題研討結構講章外邦講章社會現況聖靈團契目的歷史性 (Studies on Acts; all in Chinese)
Current Trends in the Interpretation of Luke-Acts (Table of Content)
Studies in Acts: The Structure of Acts (Table of Content & abstract of this study in Chinese)
The Feminist issues in Luke-Acts: Corley , Seim
Social setting of Early Church
Household Code
新約先知簡介 (New Testament Prophets)
Lukan Portrait of Paul