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聖經神學研究 Biblical
舊約聖經 OT
福音書 Gospel
使徒行傳 Acts
書信 Epistles
啟示錄 Revelation
釋經學 Hermeneutics
應用神學研究 Practical
系統神學 Systematic
歷史神學 Historical
其他研究 Others






保羅書信的社會學研究 (近代研究扼要和回應) Sociology of Pauline Epistles -- annotated bibliography & my response (in English); (扼要 summary)

Outline with links to each parts of the article 羅馬書的解釋KEY為羅1:16-18(全文; 英文) (論文扼要: 中文)

( Romans 1:16-18 as the interpreting key to the Romans) Abstract:

保羅神學來源分析; 神學中心救贖論系統(English)基督論救贖論 ;

Pauline Theology: Centre; Christology; Soteriology: System; The transfer model seen in Romans 5:12-8:17

Paul and his Contemporary Hellenism and Hellenistic Philosophers
Paul and his Contemporary Judaism: Annotated Bibliography

Paul and his Contemporary Judaism: Pauline's distinctiveness (abstract & Table of Content)

保羅時代的猶太人是怎樣的 與 保羅的獨特別性 (扼要和大綱)

帖前及帖後對於主再來的教訓 (Parousia in 1 Thess. & 2 Thess.) Chinese
希伯來書怎樣運用舊約 (How the Hebrews use the O.T.) ; (扼要及大綱; Abstract & Table of Content)
希伯來書對信徒之警告及其意義(Warnings in Hebrews) Chinese
希伯來書導論:及其主日學教學大綱(Hebrews introduction) Chinese
彼得前書的苦難觀 Coming Soon!



啟示錄的十四萬四千的解釋 (144,000 in Rev.; Chinese)



Hermeneutics: Anchor Bible Dictionary; New Horizons; Traditions of Hermeneutics; introduction
釋經學初探: 預言, 比喻, 比喻解釋史, 象徵語言, 象徵(Figure)

新約的社會學研究法--附註書目 (Sociological Methods in New Testament-- annotated bibliography):

--家庭式教會耶穌的佈道運動的社會學研究Sociology of Pauline Epistles (annotated bibliography and my response)

Reading Note: Longenecker, Richard. Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic Period
躑z分析(Narrative Approach); 書信學研究
修辭學分析 (Rhetoric Approach): Summary of Rhetorical Analysis of Pauline Epistles
  Book reports: Shawdow, Corley, Theissen (Gospel in Context; Sociology of Early Palestinian Christianity), Seim, Childs (Cannonical Approach), Elisabeth Fiorenza (In Memory of Her)
七十士譯本與聖經研究-雷先生 (華基堂